666 Workout #1

Are you in need of serious workout motivation? Do you want a Workout that will keep you Charged up, Challenged and Motivated?

Enter my 666 Functional Circuit Workout… Its a tough one!

  • 6 Exercises
  • 6 Reps
  • 6 x

60 seconds Rest…. Lets see if you can complete it – Remember to keep perfect form every rep! Stop, Rest and Recover if you need to.

Follow the 666 Functional Workout video below… but what clarifies as functional exercise? Ill cover that in my next video. 👍💪

If you are new to exercise or working out i would recommend my 4 Week Stretching Schedule. A great way to start your healthy habits.

Stretching is often over looked when it comes to exercise and it should be the starting point for newbies! Some benefits include.

  • Improve your range of motion around joints.
  • Improve flexibility.
  • Reduce your risk of injury.
  • Become accustomed to working out.
  • Understand the feeling of improving yourself.
  • Become comfortable with setting aside time for you.

This 4 week Schedule provides you with a Day by Day, Week by Week Workout Schedule.

Click on the link and you’ll be guided through my Health Hub App. A cost effective way for you to have a trainer help you achieve those Heath & Fitness  dreams!

  • View your Workouts
  • Log you Workouts
  • View your Workout Schedule
  • Exercise videos to follow
  • Log Your nutrition
  • Sync your Fitbit device plus more!

#ClickNCollect  4 Weeks Functional Stretching Schedule

Always consult your GP prior to undertaking any exercise program. By taking part in any exercises detailed you both confirm and hold full personal responsibility for your well-being, and waive the right to hold any other party responsible for damage, injury or liability. 

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