Thoughts are Things A Quick and Simple Post that could change your life!

Everything starts with a Thought or “energy”.

What you eat or drink starts with your Thought about food or drink.

Your thoughts are the first stage of Digestion, this process goes on to either enrich and nourish or infect, malnourish your whole Mind Body and Spirit.

Your thoughts are energy flowing at the speed of light around your body, your world and our planet. They effect everyone around you! “the mood of the room”

Every thought you think, travels around the world 7 times per second! 

Your thoughts are your Choices so Choose your frequency, you decide what matter you attract and who listens in.

Your nervous system conducts this energy, it touches every single cell in your body, that’s approximately 100 trillion cells… Yeah that’s a fairly large number…

So a positive thought really is an amazing thing.

There is nothing as powerful as a made up mind.

#ThoughtsAreThings #BePositive #Happiness #ChooseToSmile

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