Walking is it Man Best Medicine? Calm your mind with Walking Meditation.

In today’s world of Deadlines, Emails, Bills and Crammed work Schedules its no surprise that people find it hard to find time for real health and well-being. Many people dislike the idea of the busy gym as they may not know what to do or they may feel uncomfortable for many other understandable reasons.

Energy and Vitality is not to dissimilar to the stock market, this takes money to make money.

The body takes Energy to produce Energy and like your wiring loom in the car, all the systems are interlinked! The Digestive system, Circulatory system, Hormonal system and Musculoskeletal systems all use energy yet they also produce it too!

What does this mean when in today’s society of crazy Packed Schedules, Emails, Deadlines, To Do Lists? It means you can be “burnt out” if you don’t take time to cool down and recharge. The good news is that you can “work-in” absolutely anywhere!

To Simply Breathe and to Think is to power the amazing machine that is you! So Relax and try Walking Meditation!

When you breath in you are breathing in positively charged oxygen (positive energy) the water in the body acts like a negative charge and i’m sure you all listened in science classes at school right? Where there is a positive and negative pole there is “work potential”. Breathing creates work potential called Prana by Indian mystics or Chi / Qi by Tai Chi masters. The Physical action of the diaphragm creates a pumping action assisting the movement of this energy both within and around your being.

As we have so little time scheduled in for our well-being in today’s horrendous hectic humdrum. Walking Meditation may be an idea to help Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate  your Mind Body and Spirit.

Walking Meditation – Take time away from the hectic humdrum homeland.

  • As you walk take time, count your steps.
  • Empty your mind of all but the step counting.
  • Step slowly, Smoothly and gentle, breathing in for four steps.
  • Hold the breath naturally in a relaxed manner for one step.
  • Breathe out for the next four steps.
  • Align your stepping pace with your breathing so you can keep the same smooth rhythm.
  • Calm and empty your mind, just allow the Rhythm and Breath to be present.

Practice this until it comes natural. Try to walk in parks, close to nature or water so you can appreciate life forms moving in a natural rhythm and benefit from the natural earth energy.

Walking is mans best Medicine – Hippocrates.

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