666 Workout No2.

666 Workout No. 2 – Bosu Basics.
6 Exercises, 6 Reps (mostly) 6 x
Rest for 60 seconds between sets

This 666 Workout Utilities one piece of kit – the Bosu – meaning you can easily tuck yourself away in the gym and get your hard work done in minutes.

The Bosu Ball is good for stability / balance work. It has an unstable side (blue- dome) and a firm base (black – flat) side. This means you can have a varied effective workout be it on an unstable or sure footed stance / surface.

Bosu balls are deal for;

Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists, Swimmers, Dancers, Gymnasts, Back pain suffers, The Elderly, Youngsters or anyone wanting to challenge their Neuro-muscular system!

While this 666 Workout is less intense than the first 666 workout, the focus here is switched towards Balance / Stability. As you become fatigued your ability to stabilize reduces so be mindful of this and always move as perfectly as possible. Resting when you need to.

For Further Functional Workout Schedules or Training please ask or follow the links below for a snap shot. ☯️

PT – https://ppf.mypthub.net/p/17750

TRX Schedule – https://ppf.mypthub.net/p/18695

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