ACORN Balls. A Hearty versatile snack.

Whether you are fed up with taking expensive synthesised Energy Gels or would simply just like a quick healthy snack to have mid day helping to balance your blood Sugars… maybe try my Acorn Balls.

My inspiration? I’m not telling, however, I’ve been looking to create something of this nature, a whole food solution, rather than synthetic non foods to power my body during events for a while.

Inside each tiny acron is a huge great tree bursting to reach its potential… #WhatPowersYou?

Why are they worth trying?

# No added Sugars or Preservatives
# They are made in within 15 minutes easily!
# Keep for weeks
# They can be frozen (enjoy with yogurt)
# Can be used before and during events
# They are Vegan, Gluten and Wheat free
# Taste Delicious

So what’s the basics of my Acorn Balls? I’ll be keeping my Personal recipe a secret for now 😋 see below for the Base mix, get your pinny on and be creative. ☯️

✔️Apricot – 1/3 cup
✔️Coconut – 1/3 of the Apricot
✔️Organic Ingredients – Always use the best you can
✔️Rasins – 1/2 of the Apricots
✔️Nuts – 1/3 of the Apricots

👌Whizz in the food processor, pulse setting.

👌Roll mixture into balls and desiccated coconut

👌Pop in the Fridge or Freezer

#Yum #GetCooking

See what they look like here

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