We hear of Poisoned Russians. But are you playing Russian Roulette with your plate of toxins?

We’ve heard very much recently about toxic chemicals being used to kill double agent secret service operatives…. But have you ever considered the biomagnification or levels of toxic chemicals in your food?

  • Biomagnification – The process where the concentration of chemical increases as it passes up the food chain. As the chemical or synthetic substance can’t be broken down by organic or environmental processes it becomes amplified as it passes up the chain.


  • Bioaccumulants – Substances that increase in accumulation in living organisms. Contaminated air, water, or food simply comes in and the substances are very slowly metabolized or excreted however due to overload they bioaccumulate over time.

These are just two of the many reasons why “advanced” (or ignorant, uneducated) farmers refuse to hand pick nor eat what they grow! #Yum

Have a listen to how passionate this organic farmer is about what he grows how he grows it. His passion literally is in his food.


Order yours below.


What’s for your lunch?


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