A Weekend Food for Thought…

Today I heard of very touching story, one that see’s one man provide much needed apparatus to those in need for free…. This man designs, manufacturers and sends them all free of charge. Giving others the gift of arms and legs they previously were without.

A thought this weekend that maybe you would like to entertain!

Imagine, see it in your minds eye, dare to dream it if you will. }f planted in replacement of the green shrubs we see everywhere around us, were elegantly planted Fruit Trees and Fruit Bushes. In replacement of the Floral displays we see in towns and or public areas were areas full of Gooseberries, Apples, Peaches, Plums, Pears, Strawberries, or other seasonal sensations simply there for the hungry…. Mother Nature asks no money for her gifts of goodness! Who are we to charge?

Therefore worthy of asking is why deny the hungry food that grows itself without the need for tender! Self perpetuating, pure goodness free of charge provided perfectly by Our Universal Mother Nature. One fruit provides many seeds, that then provide many more fruits. It is then clear to see have we been provided the answer to feed everyone… Fee free. “free of charge” is the gift of life.

The land, our earth, asks no money, no surcharge, no credit charge, no rental charge, no financial agreement, no administration fee, to grow food is simply provided by our Universal Mother Nature, Free.

The Last weekend thought, worthy of exploration would be, if one man can provide fully Designed, Manufactured working arms and legs to others “free of charge”…. Why then can the we not feed ourselves – the hungry – when it’s provided via an organic self perpetuating cycle “free of charge”.

When we become disconnected there is, no connection, with no connection we are no longer in-charge, our charge is lost, we are lost. How can we charge ourselves up, we are disconnected. With no charge, is no life…. We can however when disconnected be charged by others.

What would happen if we all started planting free of charge foods. Could we feed the hungry for free. I believe we can, we would and we should…

Would you “be charged” by others if you chose to provided food for free…. I fear that “the charge” “the cost” the constant drain is being taken by our Universal Mother and soon she shall need to reprieve. What then would we as a so called advanced civilisation really have achieved? Brought to our knees though greed and forever forgotten neglected need to feed.

Be mindful, what we think is more important than what we do.


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