Food Advice Right or Wrong ðŸ¤”

With a world full of nutritional advice that is simply incorrect, for example recently explained to me was that it’s ok to eat margarine, it’s ok to use microwaves and that refined sugar isn’t that much of a problem! In fact they actively suggest clients to use margarine and prepare microwave meals. Wow I thought! So if you’ve heard this advice please read on for a snip-it of detail on these topics.

# Margarine not should be eaten… It’s very high in TFAs (trans fatty acids) was “designed” to be competition for butter. An eight year Harvard Medical School Study linked margarine with Heart Disease… It was a small study only 85,000 women! TFAs also impair the body ability to process LDLs (low density lipoproteins) Do Not Eat It..

# Microwaves should be totally avoided! Microwaves vibrate the cells on a subatomic level generating heat, this is so violent that the cells are destroyed as part of this process and so the nutrients are destroyed… Microwaves are not used on baby units in hospitals due to this very reason. David Getoff describes the gut receptors are unlikely to recognise the food particals as food due to them being damaged by microwaving, this them leads an immune response….. Avoid them!

# Refined Sugar is poison and has no health benefits what so ever. It’s a massive problem! Dr William Coda Martin 1957 classified refined sugar as a poison because it is a pure refined carbohydrate, without its depleted proteins, vitamins, minerals or trace elements the body is unable to effectively utilize it. When you eat this poison, incomplete carbohydrate metabolism occurs leading to Pyruvic acid accumulation in your brain and nervous system, the abnormal sugars also accumulate in the red blood cells and interfer with the respiration of the cells…. They suffocate!

It’s very exciting to learn the real truths about foods so I can inform you of the real deal helping you Make Real Health Your Reality.

I’ll be enjoying my recent digestion and study of Immune-Healing Foods, Remedies & Supplements. #Yum ☯️

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