Exercise of the Week. A Mindfulness Moment.

Add in This Week’s Exercise of the Week into your daily routine.

This week you have an exercise that works on both breath and mind, a meditative technique. A different approach this week.

This Week’s Exercise of the Week is to become aware of when the breath stops. You may prefer to view this as when the breath is fully out (up) or when breath is fully out (down). There for that brief moment the natural pause of stillness, nothingness, peace and empowerment lives. Both nothing and everything simultaneously. Empty yet pregnant with everything is the pause. Between the up and down the in and out, is the place with the most potential.

Breath is the bridge to the universe, the mechanism, the pump for life. The Indian word Prana means vitality – the aliveness, life force. Your life is your breath and breath your life. Sayings such as live and breathe it or breath it all in, soak it up, support this idea of breath being life. Breath is vital for life. A vitality if you will. A connection between you and the universe it allows the universe to flow through you.

While we breathe we are alive…. So where are we and what are we doing during the time that our breath is fully up or fully down, fully in or fully out..? We are not breathing during that time are we alive as we know it? 95% of the time we are alive and present as we know it, 5% of the time we are quite literally out of this world.

Find some time for yourself, 5 minutes or so is all you need. Ideally a quiet spot you can relax in. While in your chosen place, relax, close your eyes and go into your breath. Feel the breath flow in and out smoothly within you. Then pay no attention of feeling the breath, focus on the non breath moment. This is where the self vanishes.

Dissolve everything within you and be the stillness upon the pause.disolve the Mind and just be.

Natures sound and life’s rhythm may help you relax and be calm, if you need to, put this short video on on the background but do not focus on it.

Why does this exercise make it to exercise of the Week? Calming the Mind is beneficial in today’s society of stress and stress and stress, finding balance and calm will see you more productive, positive and relaxed, recharged and healthier!





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