This Week’s Exercise of the Week – Focusing on the Obliques.

Add this Week’s Exercise of the Week into your routine.

3 progressions this week of a Medicine Ball Trunk/Torso Rotation.

Rotation or Twisting is a primal movement pattern that should be trained, it conditions the trunk musculature and has a strong correlation with keeping a healthy spine. For example Florance Kendle details that the external Obliques can be technically classified as lower abdominal muscles.

The 3 progressions are in ascending order, ensure you pick the appreciate level for your ability. Keep a good spine alignment, soft knees and smooth action. Keep the medicine Ball close to your body.

This movement has a high carry over into a diverse range of sporting environments including Running, Tennis or the Martial arts!

Look to build up to 4 sets of 20 rotations, rest between sets and enjoy ☯️✔️

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