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Have you ever tried trendy sensationalised diets?

Have you tried Paleo? Have you tried Vegetarian? Veganism? Atkins? Slimming World? Weight Watchers? Or maybe the Cabbage soup diet?

Do you always find this new way of eating doesn’t give you the long term results you would like? How much time and money have you spent on these fashionable approaches? I know many who have tried a number of the above ways of eating and never been able to sustain them, some seeing a actual reduction in health and vitality, presented in the form of higher RHR, poor skin, poor sleep, less energy, headaches to name just a few symptoms. One had spent some £5000 on diet Suppliments, Compliments, Potions and Pills in a year. I’ll save you the maths it’s £13.69 a day, every day, for a whole year, with very little, if any improvements!

Taking a unique approach, I know why this fashionable food flounder happends. It’s not just through confusion information like you may think!

I help you find your long term solution to eating and nourishing your Self correctly. Allow neglecting your mind/body’s needs be a lesson learnt, a life lesson that you can then pass on to your children, friends and family, helping them be more vital healthy and vibrant for the long term, for their life time!

Some of the techniques used are not new, fashionable, or sexually sensationalised and slapped in magazines, they are not cutting edge technology, they are however steeped in history, standing the test to time, some the ancient Geeks would use! Robust, accurate and worth while learning!

Keep an eye out for the New Servcies coming soon. Helping you to Make Real Health Your Reality!

Always learning, to help you achieve Real Health. ☯️

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