Holistic Health or Pharma Wealth.

Are you training or draining your Self?

I believe movement is medicine, used in a symbiotic fashion with other key factors to harness Wellness, vitality or life force. Movement assists in creating Ease within your whole organism.

Expending large amounts of this important life force when you are lacking vitality will likley drain you of the very life force that is needed to run your organism with Ease. Your organism is then in a state of Dis-Ease as it struggles to run, work or function optimally. This state of dis-ease can be the start of a slippery, sloppy slope of self health destruction that may well last for generations! (Have you seen the increase of Fertility treatment recently? Are we literally sealing our fate through not paying attention to looking after our Self?)

Would it be better to Cultivate this life force so it can be used to power and charge up your organism for total whole vitality or Wellness? I think you’d agree yes! Choose Real Health! Not false Wealth.

The stark reality is that 80+% of the poor health concerns that are seen by GPs can be resolved with corrective diet and lifestyle modification. To quote an NHS website.

In England, each month, £5-6 million is spent in general practice prescribing NSAIDs…. (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs)

At a lower estimate, that is £60,000,000 per year from General Practise alone, meaning it’s likely to be much higher as a total figure.

NSAIDs are commonly issued for low level symptoms that are evident due to a lack of healthy life cultivating habits, leaving the health reducing habits unchanged! (A repeat customer sales model?) This approach doesn’t look at the true causation of health reduction. It simply looks to address the symptoms of the unhealthy habit behaviour, allowing the unhealthy habit behaviour to continue, unchecked.

Some common side effects of NSAIDs as detailed by a very well known and respected doctor mercola.

  • Hearing loss.
  • Cardio vascular problems.
  • GI tract complications.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Heart failure.

Are you aware there has been a number of NSAIDs withdrawn from use due to some small problems? Let’s have an example.

  • Sept 30th 2004 – ROFECOXIB (VIOXX)

Why was it withdrawn? Heart Problems.

  • 60,000 people were killed due to heart problems. 😕

Do you choose the risky side effects of the Pharma drugs that your GP issues you? Do you continue unwilling to change poor health habits, or are you Ready and Willing to start making Real Health Your Reality?

If you need some guidance, some direction, some assistance with your Health or Wellness Goals, Dreams or Aspirations. #ClickNCollect below to get started with my Health Hub App and a 121 Consultation either in person or via Skype.

Health Consultation https://ppf.mypthub.net/p/18049

As a Holistic Lifestyle Coach I focus on you, the person, not the symptoms nor disease, why? Symptoms are by definition a “subjective indication”. The Dis Ease does not have you, you have dis ease. Working in a restorative fashion following a simple 1 2 3 4 approach, vitality, health, Wellness can flourish, Ease within you can be Restored and Revitalised.


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