GP Referral appointments available

Are You Ready?


  • Have you a Chronic Health Condition that has been plaguing you for years?
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting advice about Exercise, Food, Health and Wellbeing?
  • Does your GP think a Structured Plan of Proactive Preventative Action would be of benefit to your Condition/s?


If the answer is No then the possibility that you know someone who’s answer will be a Yes is very high. So please Like & Share to help others find resolve. 👌

If the answer is Yes and you’re willing to make some positive changes to your life’s norms. I am available Fridays 13.00 – 15.00 at Gosport Leisure Centre for GP referral scheme appointments.

Maybe Tel. 02392 534950 Gosport LC and ask for more information on the GP referral scheme or alternatively contact me on 07947 280 146. If either of those options is to direct for you, ask your GP for advice on such schemes. ✔️

I’ll let you into the biggest secrets that nobody is talking about. I’ll explain in clear terms, how to make Corrective Holistic Lifestyle Changes. We’ve known how to eat, how to move and keep ourselves healthy for thousands, if not millions of years! There is no 21st century super HD Turbo charged, secret fix, that we’ve never known about until right now.

Maybe you’d like to dip your toe in first so to speak?

For Classes I teach that may help you Make Real Health Your Reality please see the my classes tab in the above menu options.

I always recommend Pilates so simply book on and make that positive start today! 


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