A thoroughly nice bloke!

Organic farmers provide us with so much more than the produce for sale.

An example, during my short conversation today with the owner of Gazegill Organics. I learnt the university of Sheffield conducted a recent study of Soil Health, the findings were that local children’s schools allotment patches were much healthier than the local farmers fields! 🤔

Organic farmers are also committed to recycling (as well as education), offering a money back guarantee when the insulation this company use, to ensure safe delivery of the produce is returned to them.

For those unaware any order over £20 with this company qualifies for free UK delivery 👌☯️ ✔️ #Yum but not just for your tum!

For your order of high quality raw organic dairy and high quality organic meats, visit


#ClickNCollect your high quality Real Life Foods Today. ☯️

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