Healthy Holiday Habits. Set your Self up for Success.

Being away from home can easily distract you from your usual Health and Wellness rituals. It’s a great opportunity to look for refreshing ways to stay in your charge, and br in full control of your Self.

The change in available foods can easily lead you astray, as the usual isn’t on offer.

Before you know it, the sugar and hormonal roller coaster train pulls up and you’re very much on board. Scooped up up up, and away!

Weight gain, Fatigue, Stomach ache, Headache, Poor sleep, Wind or Bowl upsets are just some of the usual Stop Off Stations for the Health Train of Terror. But you’re likely to just stay on the board! Thinking “oh it’s ok, it’s only a week or so, I’ll be ok” but that can be a dangerous game to play! The question is can you get off the Health Train of Terror?

I say never get on this train is the best option! Make your choices in advance, ahead of time, setting yourself up for success not stress! But how? Read on and see the options that could help you stay healthy while away on holidays this Autumn.

When I travel away I buy foods that are life giving, can last, can travel and are colourful. See below for some examples and a typical day of eating and moving that I enjoy.

Herbal tea
Portable hot drink flask.

This is how they could work for you over the course of a day.

Firstly store the foods correctly! This is critical.

It’s often the case you’ll have a fridge available these days so use this to keep the food fresh and buy some cutlery and maybe a bowl.

I suggest getting your work out or work in time early at sun rise. This is ideal for the Mindbody and so that you’re not stressed about ” how to fit it in”.

Additionally if you work best to a schedule to keep to on track while away. My Day by Day, Week by Week Workout Schedules are ideal for you.

Simply see my Services Section, choose your Workout Schedule and #ClickNCollect, you’re done. You’re can log your Nutrition and view your workouts, or even message me for advice. βœ”οΈπŸ‘Œβœ’οΈπŸ“‹

Here are 2 for you to see right away or simply follow my Back to Basics Holiday Guide below, either way you’ll be positively set. πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

# 4 Week Stretch Workout Schedule

# 12 Week Sub 60mins 10km Run Schedule

Back to Basics Holiday Guide.

Sunrise.. Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Run, Walk, Stretching and or Body weight exercises.

# Breakfast.
Carrots and Hummus with herbal tea.
# Snack
Handful of Walnuts, Water
# Lunch
Banana, Apple with Almonds, Water
# Snack
Cucumber with Apricots with herbal tea
# Dinner
Meat, Fish with Salad and or Veg or the Vegetarian option. Water.

#Evening… Stretches

Go away prepared this Autumn, Set yourself up for success not stress, invest in your Self and keep off the Holiday Train of Health Terror ☯️

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