Trees, more than simply oxygen machines?

According to the university of Hamburg and the lead Author Dr Simone Kuhn: “Research on brain plasticity supports the assumption the environment can shape brain structure and function. That is why we are interested in the environmental conditions that may have positive effects on brain development”.

Those living in the city are more likely to suffer disorders that include anxiety, depression and schizophrenia! Yikes!! According his recent study.

So for all the jokes about “tree huggers”, you don’t need to hug, them just enjoy their free company to help dissolve your chances of mental health disorders.

Living close to trees or a forest for example effect the Amygdala. What is this weird name of a thing!?

The Amygdala is a part of the brain, this processes memory, emotional reactions, decision-making, and survival instincts. These are just some of its functions. It also has a role in sexual activity, libido or sex drive in humans.

So with that in mind, pardon the pun, maybe swop your pop me up pack of viagra pills, for a few ferns at the bottom of the garden this coming spring!

If you like the thought of exercising out doors maybe consider my Small Group Training package or Coaching Bundle.

As you can see below I love to get out and about in and around the forests. Just be aware for picnicking bears when you get there!

Here are the links to both packages and as usual please feel free to contact me with any queations or simply #ClickNCollect your Schedule or Package from my services section.

# SGT Package

# Coaching Bundle

ZipJet ranks the cities below as the least and most stressful cities, 2017:

  1. Stuttgart, Germany

  2. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

  3. Hanover, Germany

  4. Bern, Switzerland

Ideas then for that relaxing city break holiday you’ve been wanting all year. Maybe!

Happy planting.

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