Synchronize your Biological Oscillators

According to Steiner and those cardiac boffins from HeartMath biological oscillators are regions of the body that produce a significant amount of electromagnetic energy. These pulses come from 3 fundamental areas; intestinal tract, heart and brain.

While you would be correct in thinking the brain is the most powerful biological oscillator however it is in fact the heart, by some 5,000 x more at that! However the brain doesn’t come last, the intestinal tract produces less electromagnetic energy than both the heart and the brain.

While you rest and in a healthy body all 3 biological oscillators are in sync, happily ticking away like swinging pendulums of 3 clocks. Have you ever noticed that in a clock shop all pendulums are in sync?

While you rest and in an unhealthy, sick or stressed body the biological oscillators are in dis-ease with one another, not so harmonious. This creates an imbalance in the regulation of the electromagnetic energy and like an engine that is out of tune your body is also, perhaps coughing and spluttering like an engine out if tune in its desperate bid to keep functioning.

So how do we synchronize these biological oscillators, what is needed to stay in tune and in harmony. We need to listen to our body and understand that exercise; while having its routes in exorcism or to draw out from within or commonly known as “working out”; Exercise can also be used to charge the body up and rejuvenate. This exercise is accumulative rather that exponential and referred to as “working in”. Through the application of working in exercises synchronization of the biological oscillators occurs.

Imagine the scenario: You arrive home from work, following a full day of meetings, the car journey is only traffic, all traffic lights are red lights with 2 broken down cars on route. Your shoe broke this morning when you stepped out the car and you forgot to bring that ever so important document with you for the most important meeting. Your PA called in sick, again, when you arrived at work all the meetings have been rescheduled to squeeze in an extra one!

Needless to say you’re likely rather worked up, stressed, stressed or stressed! Your heart rate will be up, your mind racing and your digestive tract… well you may have a knot or two in your stomach that’s for sure.

Using the technique i coach you become aware of this build up of stress, meaning you can reevaluate, bringing balance back, re-harmonizing your mind, your heart rate and your digestive tract so they are working to keep you ticking over beautifully or tuned like a fine race car; rather than getting you progressively more and more out of shape like a misaligned bicycle wheel.

Choosing working out exercises when your biological oscillators are out of sync is analogous to racing a race car with a dodgy fuel supply or no breaks. Either way you are headed for a precarious situation, be that tiredness or a fever, injury, cold, parasite or fungal infection or perhaps that brick wall at turn 4!

Working In exercises are smooth calm and focused, some of you may have experienced these in my Pilates classes and already be aware of the power they have.

Working Out – Energy expenditure that is greater than the energy cultivated during the period of work.

Working In – Energy cultivation that is greater than that required by the body to perform a period of work.

To book a consultation to assist you in healthy habits and longevity on health and well being please get in touch. Alternatively simply ClickNCollect your consultation below to secure your booking and message me to arrange a time and date.

  • Health Consultation 2 hours £85 

In this session a number of parameters are taken and advice given. Ideal if you need an MOT style session or simply want advice with how to proceed towards health and well-being improvements. All parameters may not be required to be taken in consultation and are dependent on your specific requirements. Questionnaires will need to be completed and returned. Definitely bring a pen and paper!



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