Day 5 Sparta prep

Today was registration day here in Greece! This means race numbers are collected, car signage is provided and various athlete/crew passes are administered along with medical forms being handed in and documents checked.

sparta 2019

Lines of eager athletes are seen waiting to get their race packs. Its a massive administration exercise for the organizer but today went perfectly smooth and so allows Ian to focus on more pressing matters of running 153 miles!






sparta 2019 3.jpg

After registration and lunch came crew administration for race day. Discussing area’s of concern, agreeing strategies to reduce risks, and ways to promote positive performance and preparing drop bags for check points in the evening.

Drop bags are bags full of goodies that may be needed at certain points of the race for example: Arriving at the Mountain Base CP47 with a drop bag that has a head torch and a chocolate bar may be a good idea. Its getting dark or is dark at this point in the race and some chocolate may help with tackling this tough section of the course as an incentive. The head torch acts as a back up light source for the one that is worn, if any battery issues arrive expectantly or it stops working for any reason a back up one can be picked up #BePrepared

Race nutrition is a highly debatable topic and a grey area in endurance sport, the majority of arguments confirm “each to their own”. With that in mind Ian sets about planning his drop bags with military precision in the evening.

Relaxing on the beach was the afternoon for Ian. I was able to fit a run in today and fitted in with athlete Matt Blackburn as he set about an easy 5km i had just enough time for a swim to follow my run. I was happy with swimming a 1min 29 seconds average pace for 100m especially as it was 1000+ meters of sea swimming.

So as the sun sets, focus for tomorrow is now on staying relaxed! Easy right?

sparta 2019 beach sun set


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