RACE NIGHT. Over the Mountain and away.

Coming down the mountain can be the breaking point of many a Spartathlete, why? Heat from the day fizzles out fast, cold sets in quickly, plus hills and the altitude, then a touch of rocky uneven terrain, all while exhustion is being managed! Then a long lonely 16.5km stretch to run before seeing crew!

At this point 2/3rds of the Spartathon is complete… The race becomes a minefield of mind games, endurance and stubborness to not give in! Staying hungry to finish is key and having enough in reserve highlights any weakness in strategy.

Ian took time here, ate, chatted, cracked a joke (it wasnt that funny) and was very composed. After leaving he returned for his water bottle… (Like he wants bonus miles for Strava)

Seeing him down the road as we moves onto CP 57 he looked strong moving well and relaxed.

Roll on sunrise!


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