RACE DAY. Sun, Speed and 6th Place!

Ian came through the night to the dawn of day staying consistently above target pace!

As the race drew closer to the finish line crew stops were progressively quicker yet following the same process.

Ian’s spirits remained high as his mindset turned to racing not pacing. Seeing the hunger to finish in his eyes was positive and very reassuring. I’d seen the look once before, what followed was a sub 18min 5km and a sprint burst for the finish! The spark was there and the fire very much alight.

Hearing the messages from home and all the support from online sources just kept him going and going!!

This was a very lonely race where so much was spent just slugging away doing what he does best, running running and working the stats out on the job!

This time there was no print finish but graded pace increase over the ast 10km. He did a fantastic job to pace himself perfectly, finishing ahead of the scheduled time holding his 2nd place for GB and 6th overall in a time of 26 hours 14minute 17seconds. The 7th quickest time ever ran by a GB athlete.

Let’s file this under D for done ✔️ Goal not met but exceeded.

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