Spartathlon awards ceremony.

A great location of a beach side setting was chosen this year. Over a setting sun the awards were handed out athlete by athlete, country by country slowly but surely the medals and certificates were presented before dinner was served.

The race video was shown on a large screen and the tear filled room watched on re- living the past few days struggles and emotions all over again.

Of course then the music came on, the dance floor filled, and a variety of dance styles were very much on show! πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ

Come 2020 once again ill be in the event medical tent assisting runners rehab. What a great team Dora of BaSEM has keeping athletes as safe as possible.

#GreatSportsMedTeam #SafeSport #MDT

Thank you Spartathon it’s been Emotional. 6th place 26 hours 14 minutes for 153 miles the 7th quickest ever GB finish time. βœ”οΈ Ian Hammett you smashed it. πŸƒ

Now for me its back to the UK for Vo2 Max testing @ChichesterUni and more hard training. #Triathlon


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