Winters Get Away.

Spending new year every year in a new place… A new place for annual reflection, perspective and relaxation.

Anyway you slice it, this is a Physical, practical form of what I like to call, being your own movie director! It’s what I use every year tried and tested, it will work for you. No need for flamboyant expense, simply a new beneficial place for peace. This year for me it is Bali and Thailand, wish you were here?

The Institute of Heart Math refer to the psychological stand point of this method as “freeze frame”, utilising this method brings about a rebalancing of biological oscillators. This is the moving parts that have energising influence within you. Simply put Mind, Respiration and Digestion.

HeartMath Institute

This method is Stress Reducing, or non-devisive. Keeping you whole. Moral if you will. It’s associated aspects such as lightening the HPA axis, improving Sleep and reducing Pain perception significantly highlight it’s healing potential.

While the physical and psychological are one and indivisible providing the Self with a physical, tangible, regular pause button can be life changing…

That is no typo, “Self” has many dimensions, you may understand the term definition over dimension, however, in today’s fast food, instant gratification, hate and war sells, plastic society, real Self growth is not common place. This is a very concerning situation.

Love multiplies, grows and is strengthening, this principle of growth is so called the Love principle.

Mean while negativity divides, reduces and weakens.

So this year why not Love your Self grow to be Happier, Healthier and enjoy the perspective this provides. Who knows what you’ll achieve or discover…

For any assistance with working on your Self feel free to contact me anytime. ☯️

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