What to have for Lunch today.

It’s fast approaching lunch time… Thoughts…❓Hmmm… So What grows under the Trees amung the Bees, that is neither Animal nor Plant, but are great company?

Mushrooms… 🤷🏼‍♂️

Wtf? 🤔

📝 Wide ranging rigerous research clearly evidences the consumption of mushrooms (Fungi) protects against cancer. FACT. ‼️Bold Claim Alert‼️

🕰️10 years ago… in a land far far way… 🏰 Where Witches and Magic existed 🧙‍♂️🪄 within the rehlm of Camelot…. 👑👸🤴

💹📊The results from Martin and Brophy’s (2010) study which tested commonly purchased mushrooms (less the sexy tropical types typically tested and likely used in cauldrons by the magic community 🔮) clearly indicated all tested mushrooms (MT, CRIM, PORT, OYS and WB) could significantly inhibit cellular proliferation of human breast cancer cells.

More recently (a decade later) a systematic review and meta-analysis performed by Ba et al (2020) and published in the Oxford Academic concluded, a significant inverse association between greater mushroom consumption and low risk of cancer…. i.e more consumed, lower the RF.

⚕️The burden of cancer is suggested to rise towards some 22 million new cases (with just 13 million deaths related to cancer) annually by 2030 (Ferlay, Soerjomataram and Dikshit, 2012). Therefore action is required if the desire is to reduce the risk and occurrence.

🖊️While the research will usually suggest “more research is needed”, when taken collectively a decade ago we knew mushrooms were benefishal for reducing cancer risk, a decade later on again, a systematic meta-analysis of the previous research confirms the same… 📖🤷🏼‍♂️📖 Plus there is alogorical teachings on the use of mushrooms in medicine dating back many thousands of years (Muszyńska 2020).

It’s therefore probably safe to say it’s time to pop these little Fungi beauties on your Fridays shopping list and perhaps add them to your recently growing lunch list… 🍄📝✅👍😋 🍜🥗🍄

🍄 Eat them washed and Raw in salads 🍄 Grilled, Baked or Stuffed with other delicious veggies or pack them in your Hot Pot 🍄 Stir Fry them, Boil them 🍄 Throw them at the kids, just eat them! 💚


🍄Ba, D., Ssentongo, P., Beelman, R., Gao, X. and Richie, J., 2020. Mushroom Consumption Is Associated with Low Risk of Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observation Studies. Current Developments in Nutrition, 4(Supplement_2), pp.307-307.

🍄Ferlay, J, Soerjomataram, I, Dikshit, R Cancer incidence and mortality worldwide: Sources, methods and major patterns in GLOBOCAN 2012. Int J Cancer 2014; 136: E359–E386.

🍄Martin, K.R. and Brophy, S.K., 2010. Commonly consumed and specialty dietary mushrooms reduce cellular proliferation in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells. Experimental biology and medicine, 235(11), pp.1306-1314.

🍄Muszyńska, B., Fijałkowska, A., Sułkowska‐Ziaja, K., Włodarczyk, A., Kaczmarczyk, P., Nogaj, E. and Piętka, J., 2020. Fomitopsis officinalis: A species of arboreal mushroom with promising biological and medicinal properties. Chemistry & biodiversity, 17(6), p.e2000213.

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