Age Old Evidence based Facts on Food and Eating: Lecture

YouTube: Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation video.

What we eat becomes us… So please listen in and even take notes from this educational video taken from the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation YouTube channel. I share this valuable lecture with you both as a member of the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and a Health Professional who fully appreciates the information furnished within.

From the moment of gestation that moment the gift of life is created, our cells divide and create our blood, bones and our tissues. These tissues become our organs and ultimately our human body, it’s an amazing process!

Growth doesn’t simply stop there and throughout our lifetime we are constantly breaking down and repairing our bodies. Nourishment through nutrition, hydration, and sleep is what provides the materials to produce the best quality repair and replacement service possible for our bodies. Therefore, what we eat matters for health and longevity because it’s through food that an abundance of raw materials arrive!

The first stage of digestion as I understand it is our thoughts. What we think about food drives decisions and buying habits as we use our knowledge to decide what is digestible. Actions taken from these thoughts of food are what fills the fridge, freezer and cupboards. This then seals our options when it comes to food preparations and ultimately digestion and nourishment.

Therefore the best place to start when wanting to eat healthier is to get the raw facts. I hope you enjoy digesting the information from this informative video and find some new healthy choices following on from the education.

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