Are you getting enough? How much is enough?

⬇️✍️Here is the World Health Organisation's (WHO) 2020 Guidelines on Physical Activity. Check it out and see if you are getting enough, or infact need more or less! ✍️⬇️ 👍Keep Positive. 💪Keep Active. 👀Keep Aware. Movement, the Drug of Choice. ⬇️⌚No time to read? ⬇️🎧A podcast is available with Prof Fiona Bull and Dr Juana …

🧘‍♂️An Easy Impactful Exercise 🤸‍♂️

⬇️Try this exercise when you're feeling under pressure, stressed or in need of gentle exercise. It integrates the shoulder arm complex with the spine and head in a rotational movement pattern. ⬇️ Shoulder Spine Integration

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