Are Pilates Classes for you?

Through the 6 principles of concentration, control, centering, precision flow and breath, Pilates is restorative in it's aims toward improving range of movement at the joints, improving posture, improving balance, improving strength and general functional ability. Does that sound like anything you need? Where? Gosport Leisure Centre. When? Wednesday and Thursday at 20:15. Call up …

Are you getting enough? How much is enough?

⬇️✍️Here is the World Health Organisation's (WHO) 2020 Guidelines on Physical Activity. Check it out and see if you are getting enough, or infact need more or less! ✍️⬇️ 👍Keep Positive. 💪Keep Active. 👀Keep Aware. Movement, the Drug of Choice. ⬇️⌚No time to read? ⬇️🎧A podcast is available with Prof Fiona Bull and Dr Juana …

🧘‍♂️An Easy Impactful Exercise 🤸‍♂️

⬇️Try this exercise when you're feeling under pressure, stressed or in need of gentle exercise. It integrates the shoulder arm complex with the spine and head in a rotational movement pattern. ⬇️ Shoulder Spine Integration

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