What to have for Lunch today.

It's fast approaching lunch time... Thoughts...❓Hmmm... So What grows under the Trees amung the Bees, that is neither Animal nor Plant, but are great company?Mushrooms... 🤷🏼‍♂️Wtf? 🤔📝 Wide ranging rigerous research clearly evidences the consumption of mushrooms (Fungi) protects against cancer. FACT. ‼️Bold Claim Alert‼️🕰️10 years ago... in a land far far way... 🏰 Where …

Click below for a lesson you won’t forget.

A powerful lecture ⬆️ The lecture above from the founder and chief of the institute for corrective high-performance exercise kinesiology highlights the need for many changes that ultimately and immediately impact health and wellbeing. Click and Enjoy.

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