Fibromyalgia & Exercise

A complex and often difficult musculoskeletal disease for the Physiotherpists or clinician to treat therefore, it's great to see a clear graphical illustration from Andrade and Dominski (2020). Communicated is the effectiveness of both aerobic and strength training for fibromyalgia clients. A 40% of 1RM for resistance training and 30-60 mins of exercise 3 X …

Eat Your Self Healthy in more ways that one!

⬇️Why should you eat yourself healthy this lockdown? ⬇️Ever wonder why social behaviour is so aggressive? ⬇️ Though the gut has extensive tolerance mechanisms that help prevent translocation of gut microbes within our intestines to the outside circulation, these control systems may be compromised and permit bacteria to damage our immune system that lead to …

⬇️🔊Recommended Listening 🔊⬇️

⬇️This is the RSS feed for Inside Tri Show, a podcast hosted on Paste this RSS feed's URL from your address bar in to your podcast app or search for the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or the podcast app that you prefer. Some good listening for endurance athletes. 🏊🚴‍♀️🏃💚🤸🔊

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