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For more Personal or Detailed requests Please Contact Me directly here. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

  • 121 Coaching Bundle or Small Group Training.  5 Coached sessions £155
  • A cost effective way to get started with coaching. Flexible in its approach depending on what your goals and requirements are. Coaching may include strength work, stretching or a variety of fitness principles including diet and lifestyle alterations. The Package includes 5 sessions to see you get started on your health/wellbeing journey.


  • Massage £ Upon Inquiry 

Psychological regeneration following intensive activities is just one said benefit of massage. Massage may reduce pain sensitivity, reduce anxiety levels and improve sleep quality. Physical function and as a whole is experienced to be improved. For massage appointments please contact direct:

  • Tel.  07947 280 146
  • Email ichooseheathtoday@gmail.com


  • Health Consultation 2 hours £85 

In this session a number of parameters are taken and advice given. In my decades of experience there is just not enough time given to assessment of gym members before program design takes place, this may create a compromising position to clients who honestly have desire to achieve goals dreams and aspirations. 5 hours is the minimum time required to fully understand a clients full requirements with program design. While consultation will last 2 hours rest assured my investment is 5 with pre-consultation questionnaire review 1.5 hours and post consultation program design 1.5 hours. Ideal if you need an MOT style session or simply want advice with how to proceed towards health and well-being improvements. All parameters may not be required or relevant in consultation and are dependent on your specific requirements. Pre-consultation Questionnaires however are a non negotiable aspect, to be fully completed and returned no later than 1 week before consultation. Please bring a pen and paper to your consultation to get the most value from your time. 

Postural Assessment. Height. Weight. Girth measures. Blood pressure. Body composition analysis. Calorie guides. Lung function FEV, FVC and PEF. Stamina as a Sub Maximal V02 test (Bleep or Chester). Cholesterol (Total). Nutrition/Exercise/Lifestyle guidance. Metabolism and BMI information sheets. Food diary. Post consultation program. 

  • 12 Week Sub 60mins 10km Run Schedule £50

Very few people just run and then achieve their goals. As we know The Best Way To Achieve a Goal, Dream or Aspiration is to Have a Structured Plan of Action. This 12 Week Running Schedule is Designed Specifically to get You Under the 60 minute time for a 10km Race. Training Time Budget? This Schedule is based on 3/4 Training Days Per Week.
The Last day of this Structured Training Schedule is Your Race Day. Exciting?
All You need provide is the Leg Work.
The Schedule will Deliver you to that Start Line ready for that new PB! Using a Range of Training Techniques Including, Tempo Runs, Fartlec Runs and Proven Strength Training Workouts this Schedule means business with its 16 different Workouts!
Working with your Heart Rate Training Zones or RPE scale to make sure your are Training Smart.
This 12 week 10km sub 60 min Schedule Includes:

  • A Day by Day, Week by Week, Run by Run Schedule!
  • 3/4 workouts per week.
  • Strength Workouts.
  • Basic Nutrition Plans.
  • Scheduled Progress updates.
  • FitBit Sync.
  • The Importance of good Posture PDF.

Your sub 1 hour 10km Race Schedule is waiting for you! I have my trainers on where are yours?

  • 4 Week Stretch & Workout

A range of techniques are used in this 4 Week Stretch Workout Schedule. Stretch Workouts, Myofascial Release (foam rolling) and TRX Workouts will see you Improve your Flexibility – Range of motion around Joints and maybe Reduce Pain and Improve your Posture!
So what’s included?

  • Day by Day, Week by Week Schedule.
  • A Range of Techniques Static stretching, Dynamic Stretching and Foam Rolling.
  • TRX Workouts
  • Upload your Progress Pictures and Measurements
  • Basic Nutrition Plans
  • Workout Videos
  • FitBit Sync
  • Additional Information sheets. BMI, Calories, Metabolism.

Once the Schedule is started simply follow day by day.

  • Corporate Staff Health Classes/ Consultations.£ Site Specific

Keeping Staff Happy and Healthy makes the world of difference to a business. Workplace sickness is at an all time high, with staff suffering from a multitude of lifestyle induced conditions that may include stress, physical sickness and or dis ease. Many staff are unaware of how to keep themselves fit for purpose and by providing the opportunity for staff to have a Health Consultation staff sickness, stress and or dis ease reduce. Improve your staffs moral and productivity! Ask me today, how I can assist your staff to be Happier, Healthier and more Beneficial to your business.

  • Classes
  • Consultations
  • Fitness Tests
  • Talks

#GetInContact via the contact for  above or information below.

E. Mark.Westbrook@yahoo.co.uk

Tel. 07947 280 146

  • Single Coaching Sessions – £45 per session.

A 1 hour coaching session ideal for those who want a one off session only. Bringing a pen and note pad is highly recommended!
Please message me for availability.

  • Online Coaching session – £30 per session.

Via Skype Online Coaching is ideal for those who are not local, time restricted or travel frequently.
Please message me for availability.

  • Core Function Set £45


  • Swiss Ball
  • Sphymomanometer
  • Exercise PDF
  • 2 Pilates Workouts

Helping you to keep your inner unit muscles strong, Ideal if you like to exercise at home.
Please detail the postage address when purchasing. Postage to UK only.

  • Swiss Ball £25 – Small and Medium sizes available.

Swiss Balls are a great way to add variety to your workouts. You might know them as the large gym balls you see in the corner at the gym or a physiotherapy room. Used to sit on at work, at home in an exercise routine, great for core work, strengthening and stretching.
1 x Swiss Ball. UK postage only
Please detail the ball size and the postage address when purchasing. Postage included to England only.


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