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  • 2020 – I just wanted to say Thank you very much for giving me those stretches. They have helped me so much. I can’t believe the difference in a couple of days! From not wanting to get on a bike I’m now planning an indoor cycle today and an outdoor “round the island“ ride tomorrow…. will be taking it nice and easy and doing my stretches after…obviously!! 😊
  • 2019 – I owe a massive debt to Mark, who gave up his time to accompany me to Greece to support me before, during and after the epic Spartathlon. He worked tirelessly to support the British Spartathlon Team runners and crew, as well as runners from other nations. He even selflessly, after crewing me solidly throughout the race day and night helped in the medical tent caring for all the British runners who finished. The guy is an absolute legend and all round top bloke! Words cant describe how thankful i am. We did it Buddy!!
  • 2019 – Mark is a lovely guy, certainly knows his technique and he is great at diagnosing, treating and advising on soft tissue problems. Marks massage was able to alleviate my calf pain, which meant i couldn’t stand for more than 10 minutes. The next day i ran 69 miles in my race with no calf issues at all. I was impressed to learn that not only does Mark understand the mind of an endurance athlete but he can also impart some Mooji’s satsung wisdoms to me!
  • 2018 – Thank you Westbrook Wellness for your invaluable help with my training over the last six months. You have made my training fun, enjoyable and challenging and I have arrived at the finish line here in Paris with energy left in the tank, bring on the next challenge. I thoroughly recommend Westbrook Wellness, his knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm helping me with my training has been excellent, there have been some pretty mega spin sessions and challenging inclines along the way
  • 2018 I had a great time, and the story was true about growing taller. I have just had an annual review and am 1″ taller than a year ago which was put down to these classes and walking more upright, not slouching were the exact words. It really is working for me. A genuine thank you.
  • 2018 – I have been doing the Pilates class once a week with Mark. Having lost my confidence after an accident and having neck and shoulder problem. After a couple of months I noticed an improvement but now after nearly 5 months even my chiropractor has confirmed that my range of motion is better. I certainly don’t have to rely on those horrible pain killers like before. All the exercises help me greatly. Thank you Mark. I really appreciate all that I have learned they are a great help to my wellbeing.
  • 2018 – Thank you for a great class today. At the start of the class I was struggling with very tight and painful right side ITB and iliopsoas…(something that seems to be on-going after a total hip replacement a few years ago)….however after an hour of your very precise Pilates exercises the pain and tightness had reduced massively and I was virtually pain free. Your classes are helping improve my strength and flexibility as well as being very informative (with a bit of humor thrown in!) Pilates is definitely a great regime for anyone but it is especially helpful for anyone who has mobility or strength issues caused by joint replacements.
  • 2018 – Great trainer!! Good workouts, keeps pushing you and full of laughs too. I can highly recommend if you’re looking for a PT, one session in and I was loving the gym again and already feeling better and he works around my 24/7 shifts….couldn’t ask for more!
  • 2017 – A fantastic trainer and Pilates teacher. I’ve gone from daily back pain to pain free most days with the help of Marks tuition. He is highly recommended.
  • 2017 – Mark is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable PT/fitness instructor who is more than happy to share his extensive knowledge of not only exercise but personal well-being.
  • 2013 – Best PT I’ve ever had. Knows how to work any area you need to work on, with a background in Pilates he’s fantastic with female clients! Easy to get along with, and sensitive to your needs!
  • 2009 – Mark is an extremely personable highly qualified fitness guru. He has an in depth understanding and knowledge of the fitness industry from both a personal training perspective and managerial point of view.

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