Balanced Meals. Unbalanced Mind!

What if i told there was a cross sectional analysis with structured interviews of women and there “Western and Modern diets”. What resulted was a 72-88% (upon standard deviation) increased chance of providing you with bipolar disorder. Can you believe that? I mean did Jacka et al (2001) really go through all that time conducting a cross sectional study, with every individual having a full clinical interview and standard divination of all the data from just shy of 1050 women… for no reason?

While of course association is not causation, western diets have been associated with uni polar depression without reverse causality analysis. Western Price graphically illustrated the nutrition degeneration of native people when ever they came into contact with western diets and Francis Pottenger that his studies found very similar results on reduced health and vitality.


Traditional diets are nutrient dense and have an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties that see’s a reduction in symptoms of depression and bipolar. Oxidative damage and immune inflammatory processes are seen in both conditions and therefore reason for plenty of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrient dense real traditional food is required.

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Journal of Health and Healing. Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation


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