Westbrook Wellness Holistic Health – Classes Menu –



1230 Pilates – Gosport LC

1800 – 2030 Injury Clinic – Winchester – Please contact me for details.


1045 Aqua – Village Cosham

1200 Pilates – Village Cosham


1100 Pilates – Fareham LC

1200 Pilates – Fareham LC

2000 Pilates – Gosport LC


0940 Aqua – Holly Hill LC

1910 Aqua – Gosport LC

2000 Pilates – Gosport LC


1200 COPD group – Gosport LC

LC are bookable classes that all public may attend. Others are club member only clubs. Club entry rates apply.

121 Coaching Bundle or Small Group Coaching.  5 Coached sessions £155

A cost effective way to get started with personal or Small Group Coaching. Flexible in its approach depending on what your requirements are. Coaching may include strength work, stretching or a variety of fitness principles including diet and lifestyle alterations. The Package includes 5 sessions to see you get started on your health/well-being journey. For ongoing group classes please contact me directly. 


Sweet enough to kill you, Slowly!

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