Add this Week’s Exercise of the Week, the “Roll over Ab curl” into your workout routine!

This Week’s Exercise of the Week is a simple and fun movement that is challenging yet can be done almost anywhere!

  • Laying Supine on the floor stretched out straight, arms over head.
  • Keep your feet and hands off of the floor by a few inches.
  • Roll over left and complete an ab Curl.
  • Roll over right and complete an ab Curl.
  • Build up to completing 10 rolls 4 x

The movement is an exercise that usies many muscle groups, it’s also an exercise that can easily be used to engage children into exercise. Theyll love having a roll about!

It’s for that reason that the roll over Ab curl makes it to this weeks Exercise of The Week.

If you’re looking for more of a Workout try adding this combo in before the roll over Ab curl.

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