Day 6 Sparta prep

The Calm before the Storm, no no no that was last year when runners had to battle Hurricane winds, burst rivers and falling boulders to finish!

Today saw a more relaxed morning, more swimming for me and more relaxing for Ian, a casual lunch preceded the Race Briefing. This is where all teams get told the rules and finer event pointers such as what signage looks like etc. There are usually a few teams in each session.

sparta 2019 race breif

It was great to see some athletes returning from 2017 such as Chad Ricklefs who had a DNF last time out, i spend some time with Chads crew trying to get him back in the race but that year it wasn’t to be. These guy and gals out here love a challenge and come tomorrow 0700 GMT the game is well and truly on! Everyone will suffer everyone will hurt, some will smile, others cry. Many will meet demons and many will concur them!! With that mentality USA has a pep talk ahead of their team photo shoot.

USA sparta 2019.jpg

GBR has a strong pool of runners this year so who knows what may happen out there over the 153 mile course. The stage is set for ultra marathon running warfare with Temperatures foretasted up to 31 degrees with humidity hitting a high of 90% at one point in the race! Then the cold of night and sleep deprecation to deal with after a top arduous day! Tune in and track live with the links below.

GPS Tracker (UK Athletes only)

British Spartathlon Team Twitter Account

Live Photos (Sparta Photography Club)…/spartathl…/albums/72157710991528698

Live streaming link (for race day)

GBR sparta.jpg


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