666 Workout No3. Plus 5 simple ideas on reducing your post easter chocolate consumption.

666 Workout No3.

6 exercises
6 reps
6 x
60 seconds Recovery.

Give it a go and see how you fair. Post easter chocolate may hinder your growth and repair. So be mindful to share.

5 simple ways to reduce your left over chocolate intake from easter.

  • Share your chocolate. It means you’ll eat less plus others will feel appreciated.
  • Store it, for others, for celebrations. Those times when the family just appear from no where! Birthday cakes or fate cakes could all use your excess chocolate.
  • Use it in baking and give it away to others. Bake the workers a cake, pop it in the staff room! It won’t last long in there.
  • Give it away. Simply offer it to others!
  • Simply put it in the bin is always an option. Binning the chocolate doesn’t mean you were not appreciative of the thoughtfulness of those who have you it.

If you feel the need to work out after the chocca chocolate weekend. See the below 666 Workout No3


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