Principles. The 1 2 3 4 step guide to well-being

When you see principles what does that mean to you? When you read a simple guide to health? Does that have longevity or is it a flash in the pan fad? Food for thought. 

For me your potential corrective exercise or health and well-being coach Principles mean 4 things. Essential elements Air, Fire, Earth and Water. These essential elements are well detailed throughout the ages to be the principles we are drawn from as spiritual, conscious living beings. Two are masculine and Two are feminine and therefore have the relative forces attached to them of positive and negative, which create balance within the Absolute. Creating this balance in the Absolute is by means on your behalf of 3 choices. 

These 2 forces masculine and feminine are able to create disharmony as well as harmony within the absolute and are contently in flux needing conscious and unconscious awareness and balance. Being out of balance may lead to dis-ease within the absolute. You becoming sick, low in energy or feeling negative!

Have you ever heard the phrase “ah man i am cooked”, or “wow i need to cool off”, “they’re very hot headed” or “they’re really chilled out”. These are common phrases and examples that encompass the 4 elements and 2 forces where you are out of balance or find your natural balanced point. This is known in the science community as “Homeostasis” or by definition, “dynamic balance” and is therefore a reactive process to balance the forces bring about balance to “about the same level”.

So what if you are not “cooked”, or needing to “cool off”? Neither hot headed or chilled out? What if you are not at these extremes of the 2 forces, what keeps you in balance when these forces are not so far out of whack?

Allostasis, this process keeps the 2 forces and the absolute (and therefore you) balanced by remaining variable or non reactive. It keeps you balanced through constant change, rather than react to change in the two forces like its aforementioned cousin homeostasis. So instead of reacting and bringing about change to about the same level, allostasis is always in flux seeking balance by “being stable by being variable”. Its not so dissimilar to keeping stable on an unstable surface, you use unbalance to be balanced. Poetry in motion some may say. 

Balancing these 4 principle elements by 3 choices and 2 forces is one basic principle of my working practice as a corrective exercise and holistic lifestyle coach. Relating this long standing ancient antiquital model to modern day eating, moving and lifestyle factors creates longevity for health and wellness. 

To book a consultation and learn how to sow in sustained healthy practices to you and those around you, please contact me directly or click and collect below and secure your purchase today before scheduling in with me.

  • Consultation 2 hours £85 

In this session a number of parameters are taken and advice given. Ideal if you need an MOT style session or simply want advice with how to proceed towards health and wellbeing improvements. Questionnaires will need to be completed and returned. Definitely bring a pen and paper!


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