Breath, Relax, Feel Alive

Westbrook Wellness Holistic Health Tips. A series of 10… Food for thought while the madness ensue’s concentrate on you.

Number 2… Breathe, Relax feel alive!

Breath, this is a huge part of living… Sounds a basic statement let’s dive in and understand these 28,500 daily objects of awesomeness…

A large part of my time is spent helping people understand the power their respiration has. Control of this mechanism has far reaching benefits and the lack of control therefore may have negative impacts. Breath the mechanism that powers your consciousness. You may have noticed those who are not breathing have a differing type of consciousness than those who are breathing. Breath the mechanism that fascinates imbibition helping you digest, assimilate and dedicate.  Breath the mechanism that pumps the spinal fluid. Breath the mechanism that mobilises and stabilises your spine. Breath the mechanism that calms or excites your heart, your mind-body and therefore soul. Breath the gap between which you experience everything and nothing simultaneously!

Calm Relax Breathe

You may have noticed that when we are stressed via an emotional or physical stimulus, your respiration rate increases! This is to prepare you for an emergency (stress) response. Oxygen is a powerful element and your most primary nutrient. We have an increase in the hormone cortisol and other physiological preparatory factors ensue, your heart, mind and soul are geared for acute protectionism! The me me me effect you’ll do anything to protect me me me, elbowing the person next to you who has the last 4 loo rolls you wanted.

After the perceived threat is over (and you grabbed the loo rolls) and you realise you’re still alive well and ok… The effects dissipates… Phew!!! Take a breath….

However upon reflection, what happened in that time of stress, threat and flight/flight/freeze mode… Did you make someone elses life better, did you impact their lives for the better? Or the opposite? (Those loo rolls were for that person’s mum who is wheel chair bound, lives alone and is 80 years old who has none at all at home)

In this time of threat, scare fear, panic, uncertainty look to use the method of the heart math institute “freeze frame” which provides opportunity for reflection calm and clarity.

When you feel your heart racing, respiratory rate increasing and stress taking over… Press the pause button!! Just park for a few seconds!! Freeze frame… Pull your Self out, away from the immediate presented situation, Breathe…

Relax… View the situation from above. Ask the questions, what do I want to happen? What would love do now? How can I be in control? Decide the best action and take it. Feel Alive…..

Applying this method in today’s current climate will help bring about Balance and calm. Your breath has great power use it to help others and your Self.

Hydration and Sleep are foundation principals that correspond for Breath, Relax Feel alive in this perspective. ☯️

Calm Relax Breathe

Don’t forget to sing laugh and enjoy stories at this time also.

Importantly if you need to hide a cough at this time maybe choose to fart  loudly at the same time. Stay posted for more practical tips

Calm Relax Breathe

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